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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Surface mount assembly machine.

PCB Assembly

SMT 3000+ 0402
Wave soldering
Prototype - volume
Mixed technology
We Provide a complete in-house electronics manufacturing, engineering and assembly services to meet customers individual specifications.
Using the latest high speed, precision, machinery, we offer single, prototype and low to high volume production.
We can also source most materials for your application.

PCB Assembly

Enventic has been assembling printed circuits for over 25 years, we are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and IPC-A-610. We offer in-house volume, prototype and quick turnaround assembly services to a very high standard. Combined with our broad range of electronics manufacturing services, we provide a complete end-to-end solution.

All our processes are fully RoHS compliant, and we maintain complete traceability.

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT)

Prototype to volume, surface mount printed circuit assembly using both manual and fully automatic pick and place processes. We can assemble your single or double-sided printed circuit boards with a wide range of surface mounted component parts including standard resistors, capacitors, IC's through to specialist items.

From printed circuit solder paste screening to component placement and solder paste reflow, we carefully process control each stage to final inspection, ensuring consistent high quality results.

Conventional Through Hole.

Many component parts are fitted in a conventional through hole method, we provide lead forming / cropping, hand soldering and fully automatic wave soldering. We can populate your printed circuit boards (PCB) with all component types including large capacitors, connectors, transformers, and power components through to specialist delicate components and modules.

Wave soldering produces consistent high quality results in volume applications, and leads to a lower production cost when processing high pin count circuit boards.

Mixed Technology PCB's.

Printed circuit assembly often requires a combination of both surface mount and through hole components to be fitted. This combination can include manual, automatic, hand and wave soldering on one or both sides of the printed circuit.

Enventic have many years' experience and supplied thousands of mixed technology PCBs and assemblies, contact us to discuss your requirements or to get a quote.

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New Projects
New product introduction, prototype approvals, samples, engineering for production.
Partner services
Full manufacturing partner services & contract production service.
Repair, rework and reconditioning services for all manufactured products.
Product End of Life
Product life cycle management, recycling and WEEE compliance.
Enventic Brochure: Please take a look at our current brochure, detailing more about services that we can provide. If you would like to discuss any of these, or if you have a special requirement not shown, please contact us.
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Enventic limited provides quality electronic manufacturing and assembly solutions. We offer a broad range of manufacturing services and provide exceptional support.
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