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We are a long-established electronics manufacturer, using the latest high speed, precision machinery, we offer single, prototype and low to high volume in-house production, engineering, and assembly services to meet customers individual requirements.

Printed Circuit Assembly

Why choose Enventic as your contract electronic manufacturer (CEM)?

  • Proven experience, leveraging over 20 years in the industry, we deliver products that meet your expectations for reliability and quality.
  • Commitment to quality, our quality systems, inspection & test  processes ensures that your products consistently meet high quality benchmarks.
  • Complete Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS), every phase of the manufacturing process.
  • Client focus, we prioritise your needs and work closely with you to achieve your manufacturing needs, ensuring satisfaction with the end result.

Surface Mount Assembly | Conventional assembly | Mixed technology | Wave Solder | Manual Soldering | Prototypes

Surface mount PCB assembly

Image of conventional component on PCB.Why surface mount? - Surface mount components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB), they are generally significantly smaller and lighter than their through-hole counterparts. This allows for greater design flexibility and the creation of smaller, more compact devices. Additionally, the reduced weight makes devices more portable and easier to handle.
Components can be placed closer together on a PCB, resulting in shorter signal paths and faster signal transmission. This increased efficiency can lead to improved device performance and lower power consumption.
Surface mount components are often less expensive than through-hole components due to their smaller size and reduced material requirements. Additionally, the automation of the component's assembly can lead to further cost savings in the manufacturing process.
Surface mount components are less prone to mechanical stress and vibration, resulting in improved reliability and durability. This makes them ideal for use in harsh or demanding environments.
The small size and versatility of these components allow for greater design flexibility. Designers can place components on both sides of the PCB, enabling the creation of more complex and sophisticated devices.

How can we help? - Prototype to volume, surface mount printed circuit board (PCB) assembly using both manual and fully automatic pick and place processes. We can assemble your single or double-sided printed circuit boards with a wide range of surface mounted component parts including standard resistors, capacitors, IC's through to specialist items.
From printed circuit solder paste screening to component placement and solder paste reflow, we carefully process control each stage to final test and inspection, ensuring consistent high quality results.

Our in-house facilities include: Fully automatic screen printing, surface mount pick & place and reflow soldering for prototype and volume electronics manufacturing - get a quote, or contact us.

Conventional PCB assembly

Image of through hole component on PCB.Why Conventional? - While surface mount components offer many benefits, there are still certain situations where through-hole components are the better choice. Ultimately, the decision to use one or the other will depend on the specific requirements and constraints of the application.
Conventional through-hole components can offer better heat management, be more robust and mechanically stronger than surface mount components. This makes them suitable for applications where the device may be subject to physical stress, such as connectors. They may also offer greater heat management due to their size. In some cases, older designs may still utilise through-hole components due to legacy issues or the need for backward compatibility. Redesigning a product to use surface mount components can be costly and time-consuming, so some manufacturers may opt to continue using through-hole components.
Wave soldering produces consistent high-quality results in volume applications, and leads to a lower production cost when processing high pin count printed circuit boards.

How can we help? - Many component parts are fitted in a conventional through hole method, we provide lead forming / cropping, hand soldering and fully automatic wave soldering. We can populate your printed circuit boards (PCB) with all component types including large capacitors, connectors, transformers, and power components through to specialist delicate components and modules.

Our in-house facilities include: Component forming, assembly and fully automatic wave soldering for prototype and volume electronics manufacturing. Get a quote, or contact us.

Mixed technology PCB Assembly

Image of mixed technology components on PCB.Printed circuit board assembly often requires a combination of both surface mount and through hole components to be fitted. This combination can include manual, automatic, hand and wave soldering on one or both sides of the printed circuit board.

Enventic have many years' experience providing high quality electronics manufacturing services (EMS), and supplied thousands of mixed technology printed circuit boards and assemblies, contact us to discuss your requirements or to get a quote.

Contact us for more information t. 01376 528816

New Projects
New product introduction, prototype approvals, samples, engineering for production.
Partner Services
Full manufacturing partner services, including production, engineering and support.
Repair, rework, and reconditioning services for all manufactured products.
Cost Reduction
Through product engineering & cost control, potential savings can be made.
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