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Prototypes & NPI

New product introduction & prototypes

NPI & Prototype Assembly

Design for manufacture
Design for cost
Prototype assembly services
Fast turnaround

NPI (New Product Introduction)

Enventic can provide a complete NPI service, helping our customers to get to market in the fastest time possible.
We work with our customers to evaluate the product design, considering design for manufacture and design for cost, production processes and test requirements, to ensure the most cost-effective solution. We may also be able to offer suggestions to improve on material availability, alternative parts, and processes.
Working closely at this important phase of the NPI, ensures that the product will return value in the longer term. We can help ensure all documentation, files and artwork are ready for production, in the correct formats, and manage these through internal control procedures.

During the prototyping and initial batch production stages, monitoring and reporting procedures provide feedback that can be implemented and translated into continuous product improvement. These procedures are built into production workflow and traceability methods, that are used in day-to-day production processes as well as new NPI and product updates and changes. These processes ensure that all manufacturing processes are continually evaluated to find any opportunities for improvement, these are communicated to customers for consideration.

Our documentation and manufacturing system provides complete end to end control of the entire process, from parts procurement to final inspection and test, all tied together via works orders and traceability reporting, allowing identification of NPI products control and monitoring.
NPI projects may not be new at all, they could be product changes and enhancement or existing older designs that we have not previously manufactured, the same processes will be followed before introducing the product into the manufacturing process.

  • Evaluate manufacturing documentation
  • Prototyping & batch manufacture
  • Monitor & control
  • Feedback & Improvement

Prototype Assembly

Production ready prototypes, and small batches can be produced to prove the NPI, any issues found during this stage can be corrected before full production, reducing the risk of costly setup and production delays.

Prototype products can also be produced at a much earlier stage, proving a concept, or testing an idea. We can offer complete product assembly, printed circuit assembly or other electronics manufacturing services for smaller quantities.

Using our full in-house manufacturing facilities, fast turnaround prototype assembly is also available, to help verify products before full batch manufacturer and when needing to prove a concept quickly. Our staff have many years’ experience producing a wide range of electronic products,  

  • Parts procurement
  • Surface mount assembly (manual & automatic)
  • Through hole assembly
  • Wave & manual soldering
  • Cables, wiring and harnesses
  • Complete box build and product assembly

New Projects
New product introduction, prototype approvals, samples, engineering for production.
Partner services
Full manufacturing partner services & contract production service.
Repair, rework and reconditioning services for all manufactured products.
Product End of Life
Product life cycle management, recycling and WEEE compliance.
Enventic Brochure: Please take a look at our current brochure, detailing more about services that we can provide. If you would like to discuss any of these, or if you have a special requirement not shown, please contact us.
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