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BacLink Mobile App

Person typing on mobile device
The BacLink mobile app has been designed to be used with various compatible control systems, to allow remote setup, operation, datalogging and reporting.

A set of common features can be used with various control types, making the app very simple to use. Once the app has been installed it can find and connect to compatible control units, when connected the control can then be operated manually, tested, data uploaded, or new settings downloaded.

Settings can be quickly copied from one control to another.

Touch Switch / Sensor

No image
A touch sensor operating as a switch, replacing mechanical switches for many applications. No pressure is required to activate the switch, simply touching the plastic or metal surface creates a clean output pulse.

The sensor uses a specially designed guarding system to allow robust operation in a range of environments.

The switch operates at low current 5V d.c. and is designed to connected directly to microcontroller-based equipment.

Advanced Infrared Distance Measurment

OS05 Infrared sensor
This infrared sensor has been designed using state-of-the-art technology, creating a distance measurement with very high accuracy and very low influence from the target colour or reflectivity.

The sensor provides repeatable measurements at low current in most environments, for human interface applications. Because of its high accuracy, various setup modes are possible, including teach mode, auto setting and adaptive. This brings the sensor closer to the ultimate goal of requiring no adjustment.
An algorithm has been developed that allows the sensor to set internal parameters based on the application range and operating mode. Various operating modes are available and supplied either fixed, or adjustable via a connected compatible control unit.

Operation voltage is 5V d.c. and the target detection range is up to 1000mm, the sensor.

Digital Programmable Infrared Sensor

OS04 Infrared sensor
A high accuracy infrared proximity sensor for a wide range of human detection applications. The sensor can be programmed via a connected compatible control, or by a simple gesture setting procedure. LED's provide visual feedback, and can be turned off if not required. Various operating modes can be programmed.
The detection range can be set up to 1000mm and operating voltage is 5V d.c. at a low current, Operation is very reliable in all conditions.

The sensor was also designed to operate in wet conditions, it is supplied as a finished product, fully calibrated and sealed during manufacture.

Event Data Logger

Circuit board with LCD screen
This product includes a very accurate real time clock module with battery backup and micro-LCD display.
On board protected Inputs are connected to various third-party electrical devices, triggering an event when the device is activated and recording the active on time, off time and duration. These events are stored in non-volatile memory for recall later using a simple on-board menu system.

The clock module time keeping had to be extremely accurate over years, event logging resolution was to one second and the operating voltage was 5V d.c. at very low current.

4-Channel I/O with RF control

Control unit with circuit board
This control system provides four input channels which are monitored and activate a corresponding output when active. The control also includes an RF module that can also activate one of channels providing a remote operation feature.
Various settings can be made on board a sounder and LED indication gives feedback on the control status.

Power Supply with Discharge Driver

Power supply in enclosure
A power supply that features multi voltage outputs incorporating a high current impulse output. This feature provides a high energy discharge for devices requiring high starting current then returning to an efficient lower power.
The input voltage is 6V d.c. while providing up to 32V d.c. output.

Infrared Sensor for Wet Applications

Infrared sensor with water on surface
A simple infrared proximity sensor providing a very high reliability detection range of 60-75mm. The sensor can be used in wet applications, any lighting condition and is factory set, tested, and sealed.
Supplied as a complete product, the sensor also includes a 3-metre cable and stainless steel or chrome mounting bezel.

Infrared Sensor for Long Range Detection

Infrared sensor
This infrared sensor was designed to detect the presence of a person at a range of 400mm in any lighting condition. The product operates at 5V and includes a status LED that offers visual feedback, it is supplied complete and fully tested.
The sensor had to be very reliable and require no setup or range adjustment, therefore it is fully calibrated and tested during manufacture.
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