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Traceability - Why is it so important.
Enventic Quality Electronics Manufacturing
Published by Enventic in Services · 4 March 2020
Tags: Traceability

In the electronics industry, being able to trace items history, use and location is critical. The ability to trace batches, components and processes allows part defects, product changes and regulation requirements to be met.

Systems can be implemented as batch or lot traceability, to fully serialised products with component level visibility.

If problems are detected, traceability can offer the opportunity to quickly isolate the faulty parts or identify the size of the issue for goods already supplied. Insurance providers often require this ability when considering product insurance, and traceability may also be a requirement for selling into certain areas. Counterfeit parts being such a major concern within the electronics sector, means that is very important to know exactly the source of all components, and in which batches they have been used.

A feature of a good traceability system is its ability to make product changes easier, being able to identify exactly which batch, or even which product, a change was implemented means less new product codes are required.

In order to meet regulatory requirements, traceability systems can provide insight into the supply chain, identifying component sources which assures customers that these supplies are controlled.

At Enventic we implement batch traceability to component level, as standard, but can also provide product traceability if required by the application. Contact us for more information.

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