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Why wave solder?
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Published by Enventic in General · Monday 03 Apr 2023

Wave soldering is a highly automated and efficient method for soldering electronic components to a printed circuit board (PCB). Here are some advantages of wave soldering over hand soldering:

1.     Speed and Efficiency: Wave soldering is a highly automated process that can solder multiple components on a PCB in a matter of seconds. This makes it much faster and more efficient than hand soldering, which is a time-consuming process that requires a skilled operator to solder each component manually.

2.     Consistency: Wave soldering ensures consistent and uniform solder joints, which are critical to the reliability and performance of electronic products. Hand soldering, on the other hand, can lead to variations in solder joint quality and reliability due to human error.

3.     Cost-effectiveness: Wave soldering is a cost-effective solution for high-volume production because it reduces the labour costs associated with hand soldering. This is especially true for complex PCBs that require a large number of components to be soldered.
4.     Minimises thermal shock: Wave soldering heats up the entire board and components, ensuring all components reach the same temperature, reducing the likelihood of thermal shock. Hand soldering can be more localised and uneven, increasing the risk of thermal shock that can damage sensitive components.
5.     Versatility: Wave soldering can accommodate a wide range of components and PCBs, including those with high-density surface-mount components. Hand soldering may not be able to accommodate such complex components or PCBs.

Overall, wave soldering is a highly efficient and cost-effective process that ensures consistent and reliable solder joints. However, it may not be suitable for low-volume production or prototype development, where hand soldering can be more appropriate.

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